Efficiently Manage Your Expenses

How to manage your expenses efficiently?

There are fewer things more frustratingly time-consuming than burying your head in bookkeeping when your time could be much better spent building your business. That’s why we help businesses get set up with and use expense management tools like Dext, the Xero add-on that removes the burden of data entry and does away with piles of paper.

No more storing (or losing) paper receipts and invoices

Expenses Management tools like Dext and Hubdoc are easy to use add-on applications for Xero that automatically extract key data from your bills, invoices and receipts. They then publish this information directly into Xero (along with a scan of the attached source document). This saves you countless hours of manual data entry, making your invoicing practically paperless, and providing huge cost and time savings.

Instantly submit receipts and invoices to Xero

Simply use the mobile app to upload a photo of the item, or submit your images via e-mail, drag and drop, or Dropbox. It’s lightning fast, and couldn’t be simpler.

Secure processing and storage of receipts

Dext extracts the necessary data from each transaction to be securely stored in your online account. It then publishes the data on Xero, or can be downloaded as a spreadsheet or used to create expense reports.

Let Pretium Solutions setup your Expense Management Tool

Our partnerships with Dext and Hubdoc are one of the ways we’re continually taking advantage of the latest technology to transform the way our clients do business. We can manage your Dext or Hubdoc account for you, so all you need to do is send us your invoices and receipts. Get started today and contact us.