Is your business losing profits to expensive and unnecessary FX conversions? These costs are often ‘hidden’ but can go up to 5% each time you bring money back, or pay global expenses.

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Are you wanting to grow your business in the international community?

  • Airwallex provide a cheaper and easier way to manage money globally
  • Airwallex solutions have made it possible for businesses to save 3 – 5% on their international imports, shipping and staff expenses – money they have been able to reinvest back into their business
  • Pay your global supplier and staff faster, in-full, with 10x better rates than major banks
  • Save on global SaaS subscriptions like Shopify, AWS or Slack with 0% international transaction fee virtual cards
  • Automate your recurring payroll or supplier payments with batch payments

Learn more about Airwallex here. And you can listen to the podcast.

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