Accounting Packages

Free Business Health Check

Just like no two individuals are the same, no two businesses are the same.

There are many differences including the structure, industry, and employees; whether you are selling products or services; whether you are selling to businesses or consumers; and whether your business is virtual or physical.

In general, the bigger a business is and the more employees, the more accounting and taxation work that is required to properly reconcile transactions, review allocations, manage taxation and cash flow correctly, and substantiate transactions for taxation and compliance. Most importantly, we also need to design, implement and monitor your strategy for growing a successful, profitable business that enables you to enjoy those things in life which matter the most to you.

It can all be quite confusing! So, we have made it simple.

We want to make our pricing fair, transparent and easy to follow. That is why we have introduced a choice of service levels for each of the key ingredients.

Download our accounting services faqs here

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Our Packages


Step 1

Core Services

The pricing is based on the size of your business – so the first step is determining which category your business fits into based on annual revenue.


Step 2

Essential Extra Services

Then we ask clients to think about other essential tasks that happen in every business – and how much support they will need from us in accomplishing them.


Step 3

Success Factors

Finally, we ask clients to think about the short, medium and long term goals of their business. What does success look like for them? What can Pretium Solutions do to help them attain these goals? This is where the Success Services come into play. These add-ons will help your business with targeting long term goals and increasing profit.


We offer a free 10 minute ‘Business Health Check’ which identifies current gaps as well as priorities in your business, and clarifies what to address first.

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Core Services

Our core services make up the foundation of all our accounting packages.

Core Services included in our monthly accounting packages:

  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Annual Income Tax Return
  • Annual ASIC Registered agent services – for your operating company or trustee company
  • Client Advisory Board
  • Trustee Resolution for Annual Income Distribution – if your business operates a trust

Essential Extra Services

These are the essential services that all businesses need. Select the level of support you want from Pretium Solutions in attending to these aspects of your business.

Extra Services to be added to monthly accounting packages:

  • Adhoc queries and support per month (how many minutes of support do you need?)
  • Activity Statement prepared by Pretium Solutions
  • 30 Minute Review Meeting
  • Financial Year Budget
  • Management Reports
  • Fringe Benefits Review
  • Quarterly BAS Review & Lodge
  • Annual Payroll Processing
  • NSW Payroll Tax
  • Superannuation Guarantee Processing
  • Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) Report
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Success Factors

Set your business up for ongoing success and profitability with these important services.

These add-ons will give your business the best opportunities:

  • Annual Business Plan
  • Annual Taxation Planning
  • Business Health Check
  • Government Grants Review
  • 3-Way Forecast (cash flow, profit & balance sheet)
  • Strategic Planning Session