Can the Export Markets Development Grant help you grow your business?

October 27, 2023

How can the Export Markets Development Grant (EMDG) help your business?

The Export Markets Development Grant’s purpose it to encourage the creation, development and expansion of foreign markets for Australian-produced products and services. It’s a key Australian government program to help small and medium sized exporters and some Australian-based businesses offering services to overseas customers.

The EMDG is about showcasing the amazing things Australian businesses have to offer on an international stage. In addition to EMDG, there are also advantages for Australian-based businesses in the tourism and related industries. EMDGs can provide assistance in attracting foreign customers for your Australian business.

When Australian export businesses receive the EDMG, they will have increased visibility in the international markets and a larger target market than just Australia.

In 2022 the Export Markets Development Grant program underwent a significant transformation. A business is now required to submit an application before they start spending on export activities. This application is reviewed by Austrade, where they assess its eligibility. If your application gets the green light, you’ll be offered a contract to kickstart your proposed program. You’ll receive progress payments based on the approved grant amount.


Marketing and promotion

The EMDG program provides targeted financial assistance for promotional activities and the development of marketing skills for Australian small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and their representative organisations. Accessing these grants will help your businesses to boost their marketing skills and spread the word about their incredible offerings to global audiences.

So, if you’re a small business wanting to expand your business opportunities and tap into foreign markets, the Export Markets Development Grant program might just be your golden ticket. It’s a chance to receive financial support, improve your marketing skills, and make waves on the global stage.

If you are interested in the Export Markets Development Grant please contact us to find out if you are eligible.

Keep reading to learn more about the eligibility criteria.


What are the requirements of the Export Markets Development Grant (and am I eligible?)

The Export Markets Development Grant (EMDG) is an Australian government program that supplies financial support to Australian businesses to promote their products and services in international markets. By subsidising marketing expenses and facilitating market access, the program helps Australian businesses like yours attract foreign customers to their products or services, and expand reach to more global markets.

To qualify for the Export Markets Development Grant (EMDG), your business needs to satisfy these initial criteria:

  1. Turnover Your business’s turnover for the financial year of your application should be less than $20 million – it’s all about supporting those smaller players in the business world
  2. Australian person You must be an Australian person to be eligible
  3. Australian Business Number (ABN) You need to have an ABN for your business

The products or services you offer should meet the following conditions to be considered eligible for the EMDGs:

  1. Substantially Australian origin Your product or service should have a strong Australian connection – it’s all about celebrating our homegrown Australian talent!
  2. Product categories Eligible products or services can fall into various categories, such as goods, services, events, intellectual property or expertise, and software

What are the eligible expenses under the EMDG?

If you’re thinking about what you can spend the grant money on, here are some examples of the expenses covered by the EMDGs:

  • Representation in other countries Having someone represent your business in another country helps establish your presence and make connections
  • Brief visits to foreign countries Making short trips to foreign countries for business purposes
  • Hiring a consultant Engaging a consultant to conduct research or promotional activities on your behalf
  • Domestic trips Taking short trips within Australia to explore business opportunities
  • Hosting potential buyers Welcoming potential buyers from other countries to visit your business in Australia
  • International business opportunities Seeking out business opportunities in foreign countries
  • Free samples Creating and distributing free samples to generate interest in your products or services
  • Promotional materials Developing and sharing promotional and advertising materials to market your business
  • Intellectual property protection Investing in protecting your ideas and inventions through intellectual property rights

To access the grant money, you will be required to match the dollar amount you receive. That means you need to spend double the grant amount to be eligible for the grant. It’s a way of ensuring your commitment and investment in growing your business.


Next Steps

Are you ready to expand your business into exciting new markets?

To find out more, or you would like help with determining your eligibility or applying for the grant, contact us.

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