Past Events

7 Critical Risk Areas Your Clients Need Your Advice

In this power packed seminar, the Institute of Advisors Norwest Sydney Chapter Leaders Paul Sweeney & Raj Nathoo discussed ways to better assist clients. They looked at the following issues: 1. What are the 7 key risks? 2. How can advisors assist their clients to identify these critical risks 3. How to actively engage a team to be responsible for managing risks 4. What are the consequences of risks if not addressed 5. Tools and processes to help reduce risks

Hills District Small Business Expo 2022
Cropley House, Baulkham Hills

Are you ready to make 2022 a great year for your business? Don't miss the Hills District Small Business Expo, 24 Feb 2022! Pretium Solutions are proud to be Gold Sponsors, plus Paul Sweeney will be speaking about the topic '5 Things Every Business Owner Must Know About Their Financial Figures'. Don't miss out! Register today.  

Understanding Your Financial Figures
Nexus Cafe & Conference Centre, 4 Columbia Court, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

Do you look at your financial reports and feel overwhelmed? An essential aspect of running a successful business is being able to understand your financial figures. You need to be able to confidently answer these kinds of questions:

  • What do those numbers mean?
  • How do I know they are correct?
  • How much do I need to improve?
  • How can I improve?
If you struggle to answer these questions about your business (or the whole concept of financial reports leaves your head in a spin) then this workshop is for you! Learn 5 key things that every business owner must know about their financial figures. This will be a hands-on, practical seminar. You will get a worksheet and other handouts to keep. Your session also includes morning tea. Get the tools you need to run a profitable, efficient business. This is a Small Business Month event sponsored by the NSW Government.  

Revitalise Your Business: A Vital Health Check-Up for Small Business Owners
Nexus Café & Function Centre

Every owner struggles with their business at times – but if your work feels like an uphill battle every day, then it’s time to make some changes. Does this sound familiar?

  • I’m too busy with the day-to-day running of my business to plan for the future
  • Despite all my hard work, I feel like I’m going nowhere
  • My business doesn’t bring me a sense of pride and accomplishment – I feel constantly frustrated
  • I can’t take any more financial pressure
  • I’m exhausted – physically and emotionally
The first step to making a change is to check what is really going on in your business. Our interactive workshop will give you the tools you need to get your business back on track. We’ll start the session with a short quiz. It will assess key factors in your business and give you a score to highlight what is working well and what needs some attention. We will explore what makes a successful business – and some traps to avoid. This will be a hands-on, practical seminar. Each participant will come away with their own Business Health Check scoresheet which will indicate areas in your business that require further action. There will be opportunity to network with other business owners while you enjoy afternoon tea. Get the tools you need to run a profitable, efficient business. *Please note: This workshop will involve doing an online quiz. Please have your smartphone or other device on hand for the session. You will be directed to do a short online quiz about your business. If you prefer not to do the quiz, there will be other resources and information to supplement the learning.

Ways to Successfully Fund Opportunities for Your Business in 2021
Bella Vista Hotel

Paul Sweeney presented at the Business Alliance CEO Lunch, "Ways to successfully fund opportunities for your business in 2021." It was a great opportunity to network with other businesses and the attendees learned some important information to help their businesses succeed in 2021 and beyond.

Sydney Hills Business Chamber – Business Lunch with Michael Croker

Pretium Solutions was proud to present the SHBC Business Lunch for March 2021. Michael Croker, head of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, spoke on the topic 'What's on the Tax Horizon for 2021?' For more on 'Beyond JobKeeper' watch this video or listen to this podcast.

Business Basics 101: How Not to Lose Your Mind Starting a Business

Starting a business is a daunting task – and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by decision-making and to drown in lists. Who should you turn to for advice? What do all of those terms mean? Are they relevant to me? How do you decide which structure is right for your business? Watch the replay.

Equipped for Success: 5 Keys to Preparing Your Business for Anything

Gain an understanding of these issues: *Your business' financials, current performance & why it matters *The effectiveness of your business plan *The importance of some quick wins - and a plan for how to get them *Next steps - providing focus *Confidence in your business Watch the replay.

Seminar – How to Exit Your Business (Successfully)…and Retire on Your Terms

Peter Hickey (MAUS and The Institute of Advisors) shared insights into the best ways to sell your business. *To maximise the value of your business and improve the success rate for the sale or exit, you need to: *Improve the attractiveness of your business. *Improve the readiness of both your business and yourself.

Business Workshop: Unlock Your Growth Potential

Our workshop attendees took a close look at their businesses with the help of Paul Sweeney from Pretium Solutions. Participants left the session with a better understanding of their businesses, plus some guidelines for what steps to take next.

Hills District Small Business Exhibition & Awards – proudly sponsored by Pretium Solutions

Paul Sweeney and Angela Stephen from Pretium Solutions exhibited at the inaugural Hills District Small Business Expo at Cropley House, Baulkham Hills. It was an exciting day meeting other local businesses and listening to thoughtful speakers talk about small business growth strategies, modern marketing techniques and much more.

Seminar – Cyber Security: What your business needs to know

Luke Iacovelli (UNITECH Solutions) shared valuable information on how we can protect our businesses from cyber attacks. For more information on cyber security, listen to this podcast.

Seminar – The Health Industry Challenge: Having a Healthy Business AND Healthy Clients

Brendan Limbrey from Arrow Physiotherapy discussed important issues facing all health professionals running their own businesses.

Business Alliance CEO Lunch with Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney presented at the Bella Vista Business Alliance CEO Lunch series. Paul spoke on the topic 'Focusing Your Business in a Distracted World'. It was a great afternoon at Cropley House, meeting other local business leaders and enjoying a fine meal together.

Craft Beer Night at Pretium Solutions

Mark Neal, the Head Brewer from the Basement Brewhouse at Bankstown, shared his thoughts on the craft beer industry. It was an enjoyable evening full of conversation, food, and of course, tasty brews from the Basement Brewhouse.

Seminar – Employment Traps

Pretium Solutions and Frank Law presented a case study and discussion on employment traps for growing businesses. They discussed common risks and traps business owners face when hiring and managing employees and the consequences for when things go wrong. They looked at the impact of these consequences and they discussed solutions.

Federal Budget Review 2019

Will Douglas from Morgans presented an insightful review of the 2019 Budget measures including an analysis of the economic conditions enabling a return to surplus. There was also an interesting panel discussion with Jim Mills from Merit Planning Hills and Paul Sweeney from Pretium Solutions. The evening finished with a chance for networking.

Seminar – Should You Create a SMSF and Borrow to Buy a Property?

Pretium Solutions and Sandra Zalud from Liberty Network Services discussed key points about using superannuation to buy an investment property. They explained the advantages and risks involved and the importance of getting professional advice.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Plan Will Fail

Here's a common problem: The business plan fails (and often so does the whole business) because there is NO BUSINESS PLAN. If you feel like you have no control over your business & no idea of what direction your business is headed, then maybe it's time to stop and make a plan. Video series.