Understanding Your Financial Figures

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    Understanding Your Financial Figures

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    Do you look at your financial reports and feel overwhelmed?

    An essential aspect of running a successful business is being able to understand your financial figures.

    You need to be able to confidently answer these kinds of questions:

    • What do those numbers mean?
    • How do I know they are correct?
    • How much do I need to improve?
    • How can I improve?

    If you struggle to answer these questions about your business (or the whole concept of financial reports leaves your head in a spin) then this workshop is for you!

    Learn 5 key things that every business owner must know about their financial figures.

    This will be a hands-on, practical seminar. You will get a worksheet and other handouts to keep. Your session also includes morning tea.

    Get the tools you need to run a profitable, efficient business.

    This is a Small Business Month event sponsored by the NSW Government.


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